Hi everyone! Here are some behind the scenes photos of us at Clarity Recordings while we were recording the new single "She's Gone." If you ever record at Clarity (which we highly recommend) one of your bandmates are guaranteed to fall asleep on the red couch below... Can you guess which IM member passed out while we were working on editing? 

Below you'll find some fun photos of Imagery Machine in the studio and each of us will share a little about this month's release. Thanks for reading! 

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"I really like how the intro and the rest of the song are different time signatures. That's pretty neat. I also like Jennie's vocals..." -TyTy the Drummer

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"Every time Ty clicks off to start the song I feel tingly in my fingertips. It’s like blasting off into outer space and then re-entering the atmosphere on a soul splitting funk train. The song takes you on a journey through a tormented soul that has lost its way. An outsiders view of a conflicted friend who is trying to escape reality through  substance abuse. The lyrics add a bittersweet tone that creates a new dimension to this groovy, punchy, rock song. I’m so stoked this is the first song we’re releasing!" -Willy The Chips

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"All 3 choruses were originally the same as the last one, but the song changed by accident. We were playing the chorus over and over again so that Jennie could listen and write lyrics, and I wanted to take a break, so I tried looping my chorus part while the rest of the band jammed it out. I was a 16th note off on my loop, which caused the first chord to come out on an offbeat. We heard it and instantly realized we liked it better than the original, and the feel of the song changed a bit.

Whenever we jam out and are trying to write new music, Jennie records on her phone so we don't forget anything. Well, in November we were trying to write new songs for the upcoming album and Jennie went through her phone and found a song recorded on 9/11, which we had forgotten about for months. The recording was She's Gone, and 2 days later, it was a full fledged song. I don't think we've ever taken an idea to the song phase so quickly before." -James

"Quote"   -Jennie

"We were originally planning on recording different songs for our scheduled studio sessions, but the night before we went in to record we decided to record "She's Gone" instead because we were so excited about it. It was fresh and honestly we couldn't wait to hear it recorded professionally. I think we're all happy we decided to record and release this song first because it's the perfect introduction to our band's new sound and a little taste of what you'll be hearing throughout the rest of the album that we'll release at the end of this year." -Jennie

Next week we will share information about the new single we'll be releasing next month! Stay tuned. 

♥ Imagery Machine

Listen now if you haven't heard the new track "She's Gone"